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Explore the Origins and Controversies of Biblical Archaeology

The Elusive Biblical Archaeology

First-rate scholars explore how “Biblical archaeology” began, the controversies it has encountered in the past two centuries, and its future.

4 Lectures, Approx. 55 Minutes Each

Archaeology: The Future of the Ultimate Discipline
Matthew J. Adams, William F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research

Understand the case for archaeology as the ultimate academic discipline, beyond the common definition of it as the excavation of physical remains to study human history. Biblical archaeologists especially make use of multiple disciplines, tools, methods, and theories to reconstruct and understand the past.

Redefining Biblical Archaeology
Rami Arav, University of Nebraska Omaha

Examine the influences shaping the goals of Biblical archaeology from the 19th century to the present, and in the future. Scholarly objectives have shifted from proving the accuracy of the Bible to reconstructing ancient environments, altering the way scholars approach evidence.

Is Biblical Archaeology Really the Spade in One Hand and the Bible in the Other?
Ellen White, Biblical Archaeology Society

Explore the history of Biblical archaeology, how it came to be and the archaeologists who made it happen. Examine how and why “Biblical archaeology” became a controversial phrase.

Publishing Unprovenanced Biblical Antiquities
Robert Deutsch, Archaeological Center

Consider the crucial—and controversial—role that unprovenanced artifacts play in our understanding of the Biblical world and the arguments for and against their publication. As most epigraphic material is found by non-professionals outside controlled excavations, Deutsch argues its scholarly value should not be ignored in favor of fewer artifacts with secure provenance.


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