Fest XVIII - Biblical Excavations Set 2 - Complete Set

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Explore Biblical Characters in Ancient Settings

Biblical Excavations, Fest XVIII
Set 2

Explore the latest Biblical archaeology discoveries with renowned experts as your guides. Your itinerary includes Egypt, Ancient Canaan and the Galilee. Along the way, meet natives like Ruth and the Beloved Disciple and delve into thought-provoking Biblical questions. Join us for this unique adventure!

Complete Set 2
8 Lectures, Approx. 55 Minutes Each

Shifting Orientations of Roman Galilee
Rami Arav, University of Nebraska Omaha

Gain fresh insights on the Roman period in Galilee by contrasting recent archaeological discoveries with historical knowledge derived from the New Testament and writings of Josephus.

Wine, Feasting and Frescoes: A Canaanite Palace at Tel Kabri
Eric Cline, The George Washington University

Examine frescoes painted in the Aegean style and other new discoveries from a Middle Bronze Age Canaanite palace at Tel Kabri in the western Galilee—a site larger and richer in finds than previously thought. These frescoes may be the earliest known western art found in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Go to Galilee…Archaeology as a Basis for Matthew’s Gospel
Aaron Gale, University of West Virginia

Investigate how Biblical criticism and archaeological research can complement each other using Matthew’s Gospel as a case study. Explore what the Biblical text and archaeological evidence reveal about economic status and the influence of Judaism in Galilee at the time.

Who Was the Beloved Disciple?
Mark Goodacre, Duke University

Explore the identity of the mysterious "disciple whom Jesus loved.” Traditional belief is that he is John who wrote the Gospel that bears his name, but could it be a different John or another disciple?

Akhenaten, Moses and Monotheism
James Hoffmeier, Trinity International University

Contrary to his reputation as a religious radical, Pharaoh Akhenaten’s worship of Aten actually hearkens back to a golden age of Egypt. Examine the impact of Atenism—an ancient monotheistic religion—on Egyptian religion and politics. Delve into its possible relationship to Israel’s religion by comparing the hymn of the Aten to Psalm 104.

Ruth: King David’s Moabite Great Grandmother
Bezalel Porten, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Learn about the Book of Ruth—its literary structure, its place in the canon, the time of its writing, and its genealogical ties to King David and Jesus.

Social Identity of the Earliest Christians
Ben Witherington III, Asbury Theological Seminary

Understand how social identity theory helps us evaluate early Christians—such as Peter, Paul and James—who identified primarily with being part of a group, rather than individuals. Explore how ancient people believed you were born with a certain personality and not prone to radical change or conversion.

Gnostic Care of the Soul (Bonus Lecture)
April DeConick, Rice University

Consider whether ancient Gnostic ritual practices and therapies might characterize the earliest form of psychotherapy. Gnostic myths focus on the origin of the human soul or psyche, how it came to be damaged, and how healing can take place through religious initiation.


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