Fest XVIII - Biblical Excavations Set 1 - Complete Set

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Biblical Excavations
Complete Set 1

Discover Newly Excavated Biblical Finds

Biblical Excavations, Bible Fest XVIII
Set 1 (8 Lectures, Approx. 55 Minutes Each)

From the Philistine coast to the rocky hills of Anatolia, encounter recently unearthed ancient artifacts and discover new textual revelations. Embark on this journey with internationally acclaimed researchers and experience the many wonders of the ancient Biblical world.

Are All Psalms Prayers?
Marc Brettler, Duke University

Examine the group dynamic of prayer and how the use of Psalms from the Second Temple period helped to create communities and sub-communities.

Where Did Jesus Meet Mary Magdalene?
James Charlesworth, Princeton Theological Seminary

Learn about a recently discovered ancient synagogue where Jesus likely taught and where many Jewish and Christian archaeologists believe Jesus first met Mary Magdalene.

Did the Early Christians Forget Jesus?
Bart Ehrman, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Consider the credibility of Jesus’ eyewitnesses and early followers from the standpoint of modern scholarship on memory. Recognize that humans are prone to misremember events and often invent false memories.

The Apostle Paul and the Schools of Tyrannos
Mark Fairchild, Huntington University

Explore archaeological finds from the first century C.E. in Ephesus and throughout Asia Minor. Under the patronage of Tyrannos, Paul began training disciples to carry on his ministry in this region of the world.

Angels: The Bible and Beyond
Mary Joan Winn Leith, Stonehill College

Study the nature of angels in both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament and learn that many Biblical ideas about angels are rooted in an array of ancient cultures.

Report from Philistine Gath
Aren Maeir, Bar-Ilan University

Review the 2016 dig season at Tell es-Safi/Gath that revealed fantastic finds, including the remains of the massive fortifications of the lower city of Philistine Gath dating to the 10th–9th century B.C.E. (the time of David and Solomon)—and much more.

Enochian Judaism: An Ancient Vision That Took Over
James Tabor, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Explore the astral-mystic world vision of the late Second Temple period, which Jews gleaned from the Book of Enoch and other sources, that also traces the extraordinary influence of “Enochian Judaism” within the three Abrahamic Faiths.

Two Inscriptions and a Text: Paul in Aegean Turkey
Mark Wilson, Asia Minor Research Center

Compare a recently discovered epithet describing Caesar and the same epithet referring to Jesus in Romans 3:25, raising the question of whether this reference is a new Pauline example of anti-imperial rhetoric.


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